Water Shortage in Taiwan

  • Water resources is important for everyone’s livelihood. Nobody can live without any nature resources.However, the past year 2020 till April, 2021 of Taiwan rain hit data shown our conutry is plunged into pretty seriously drought in recent years.

    On April 18, 2021, Li Ming feng, the founder of the non-governmental organization " Youth Volunteer Service for Eco-Friendship ", led “Shilin High School of Commerce” to participate in volunteer activities for the Keelung River water environment patrol service, and at the same time educate the students about water environment knowledge.Faced with the recent serious water shortage in Taiwan, Li Ming feng has not only continued to promote water environment education, but also pointed out several problems.

    “Are the people generally conscious of issue of Taiwan’s water resource have been in short supply for a long time? ”

    “Despite Taiwan receiving the second-highest amount of rain of any country in the world, it is number 18 for the frequency of water shortages.

    Taiwan is actually a country with severe water shortages.

    People in Taiwan might think that Taiwan is surrounded by the sea, and it rains heavily in many places, so they might think that there may be no shortage of water and it is not difficult to obtain it.However, in the recent news, we can see that the water in Sun Moon Lake has been dried up.

    Therefore, it is urgent to protect and cherish water resources. This is a problem that the people of Taiwan and the people of the world must face squarely. ”

    Taiwan is not easy to store water due to its geographical and topographical conditions. It is the first step to solve the problem that people in Taiwan should face the problem squarely.

    “ Being ‘Youth Volunteer Service for Eco-Friendship‘ founder how do you call to action the pubic, and even through the government assist you resources to help? Then, how to make the public and the government achieve better cooperation on issues related to the preservation of the water environment?”

    “In fact, when we are doing water environment education and protection promotion, the most important thing is to "care" have to know what is the connection between water and us, so we must understand before we care, we are also handle many different water environment education activities, such as campus lectures, beach and river cleaning, and because we are the "Taipei City Water Environment Patrol Team," it seems like today, we brought a lot of volunteers together to clean up. In addition to the stream, there are also water environment education and experience activities.

    slogan of  Y.V.S.E.F Caring for the earth, starting from the heart, protecting nature, starting from a young age )